Techworkers are powerful. In the past year they’ve forced change on harassment, discrimination, election interference and countless other shady business practices inside the world’s richest companies. When they speak, CEOs panic.

And yet. Most tech reporting is still focused on end users (TECH IS EVIL!) or the CEO/investor class (MOVE FAST! BREAK THINGS!) while ignoring the tens of millions of workers around the world who know the real, messy truth: Tech is complicated. And it’s made of people.

From the senior engineer at Facebook to the Amazon warehouse contractor, TECHWORKER will tell the stories of the people toiling to deliver on Silicon Valley’s promises, for good or ill.

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  • Paul Bradley Carr
  • Sarah Lacy
  • Leigh Cowart
  • Veena Dubal
  • Yael Eisenstat
  • Allison Esposito Medina
  • Veronica Irwin
  • Susan Fowler
  • Ray Holgado
  • Brad Jonas
  • Raina Kumra
  • Tracy Chou
  • Yasha Levine
  • Melissa Mesku
  • Michelle Miller
  • Adrianna Nine
  • Adam Penenberg
  • David Ryan Polgar
  • Dan Raile
  • Simon Sapper
  • Maya Shwayder
  • Claire Stapleton

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